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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Im reposting this from our trainer RJ's blog who will soon be a part of this blog.  This was his blog about the morning class from Monday.  It looked as if the workout in todays morning class was just as challenging.  Good job morning class, you guys are on fire!!

Ok so ive been a slacker. I apoligize for that. then again, arent we all when it comes to something different in our own lives? Im not saying that you are by anymeans, but leaving something out, or choosing not to do something, either cause we dislike it or simply cause we do not want to, would claim us to be a slacker.

While growing up, as most people, thru the traditional sports programs have left me access to an open globo gym style to gain strengh and knowledge of pushing, pulling, opening the hip as well as movements of closing the hips. Simply what we crossfitters do on a daily basis. Yesterday, I challenged the group with doing such movements in an exhausting duo of exercises, that challenged the pushing, pulling, opening and closing the hip. Great Job to all those who completed the exercises.

Completing the uneasy task of the "Superset Me" workout, was just that, uneasy. Combining the exercises bench press and GHD situps, back squats and double unders with a jump rope, kettlebell swings and pullups, wallballs and modified rope climbs, and finishing the group tasking together ballslams and hand release pushups. all combined for 3 rounds of each duo, unable to pass the person infront of you, i believe gave the nip in the butt to encourage those infront of those who were ready to move forward. Again, great job to those who participated yeterday, and i encourage you all to return for tomorrows workout. :)

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