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Monday, February 21, 2011

Catch Up Time!!!

That was one of the hardest weeks we've had in awhile!  We did benchmark W.O.D. "Angie" last Tuesday and it just about wrecked us all...lol  Really though, it took some of us a few days to recover from this one.  We had a nice squat and sprint workout on Wednesday with another benchmark WOD "Annie" on Thursday. There was no rest for the weary with "Kelly" on Friday.  Needless to say, it was a physically taxing week.

Lately, it has been getting extremely competitive @ WVCF, and its just adding to all the fun.  Times are
getting faster and the gap between finishers are getting narrower.  Keep it up guys and gals and check the leaderboard for all the recent WODs.

Here are a couple of the Wods from last week.
Tuesday:                     Wednesday:                        
"Angie"                        Back Squat  5,5,3,3,3
100 Pull Ups               Take 50% of last rep and
100 Push Ups             do 5 rounds of:
100 Sit Ups                12 back squats and a
100 Squats                 200 m shuttle run @ 50m

Thursday:                 Friday:
"Annie"                    "Kelly"
50-40-30-20-10     400m run
Double Unders        30 box jumps  24"
Sit Ups                    30 wll balls 20#


Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Week!

First of all, I want to welcome all the new folks in the gym.  So here i go.  It has been our pleasure to train with, Ryan, Santino, Jessica H and Jessica C..lol, Matt, Kristina, Jeromie, DeeDee, Beca, Mirna, and Samuel and we hope you guys will continue to kill it!!
I'm extremely excited to see West Valley headed in the right direction.  We are coming off our busiest week since we've been open and it was an absolute blast. The camaraderie was at an all time high and people are just absolutely killing some of these WODS(relatively).  The most impressive part of this month has been the intensity in which all of our new folks have been bringing day in and day out.  I think we had a couple of folks hit 5 days straight this week.  Not to mention, these were not easy WODS to tackle.  
Also, special shot out to some of our regulars who have been consistently killing these WODs.
I could write a 2 page blog listing all the great things you guys are doing in the gym but what for,
we all see it day in and day out.  Which is probably my favorite part of running a smaller, tight knit, affiliate!  

Tuesdays WOD
20 Min AMRAP of:
10 Toes through rings
20 Med Ball Cleans 20/16#
Scale as needed

Wednesday WOD

Thursdays WOD 
7 Rounds of:
15 KB Swings
15 Cleans 95/65
15 Box Jumps 24"

This Dude is awesome!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOA5RbAQWA8&feature=related

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That sweet little lady "KAREN"

We've been having some great turn outs in the evening class and Monday 
was no different!  First, we got rolling with some push press and push jerk.
Then, we jumped into the WOD which was "Karen", 150 Wall ball
shots for time with a 20# ball for the guys and a #15 for the girls.  Pr's were
being SHATTERED!!!  People were killing their times by minutes!  We had 
our gym record set by Matt who got into the 6's basically doing his first wall
ball workout ever.Awesome effort man. 
It has really become a fun and competitive group to workout with.  I say give
us a few more months and we will have some absolute beasts coming out of 
this gym. You guys come ready to rock every day and the intensity in the class 
has shown.

Saturday Open Gym 8:00-10:00am

Saturdays WOD: "Grace" 30 Clean and Jerks for time @ 135/95# then 50 Burpees and 50 Pull ups in any order.

We are now offering an open gym opportunity Saturday mornings 8-10am.  Keep in mind there will still be a 8am class in the gym and they will have first priority over the equipment.(I doubt there will ever be a conflict as we are all pretty easy going.)  A few had asked about time to work on other skills/ strengths outside the 
everyday classes so this will be a great opportunity for those.  I am also working on another time to open the gym as well.  Any input from you guys would be great!  Maybe after the early class 7:30-9:00am??  Before the 10:00am class??  After one of the night classes??  Let me know what works?

Emma and Rj hitting some overhead squats!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The weekend is here!

The main site called for five triples of Snatch balances.  As if our legs needed to take on more of a pounding.
We did high rep thrusters on Tuesday, max overhead squats on Wednesday, "Griff"(which is running forward and backwards) yesterday.  Needless to say, we're sore.  So taking on these snatch balances was going to be a challenge.  Good job to everyone!  Tomorrow's workout looks like we'll get a break!!  100 Burpee pull ups for time. (I'm being sarcastic if you didnt get that.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The groundhog saw his shadow!!

Now I was hesitant to program this workout following heavy thrusters and pull ups, but i knew you guys would come ready regardless.  First, we put a small met-con together to get the blood pumping.  Then we spent some time getting our shoulders nice and loose before we got into the overhead squats.
Congrats to Andres who put up a new PR on the OHS today.  That's an even more impressive feat considering he told me he's down even more weight keeping strict to his Paleo Diet.  Nice work, man!

Wednesdays WOD
Overhead Squat

You'll also noticed we've done some work in the gym with all the platforms now lined up.  It's cleared up a
lot room and gives a much cleaner look.  If you've missed us for awhile, its time to come check out the new and improved WVCF!!..lol  No really, its time to come back. The groundhog saw his shadow and spring will be here soon with Summer following shortly!  Time to get that beach bod in full effect!
We've had some fantastic workouts the last few days.  Monday, we really did a number on our hamstrings, with the HEAVY deadlifts followed by the 400m runs.  Just about everyone who did the workout came back a little sore Tuesday.

Mondays WOD
21 Deadlifts 225/155#
400m run
18 Deadlifts 225/155#
400m run
15 Deadlifts 225/155#
400m run
12 Deadlifts 225/155#
400m run

Tuesday got a bit interesting as we had a huge evening class and the workout called for different weights on every set of thrusters.  We split into partners and had two heats.  One would start the workout and the other would switch the weights.  It ended up working beautifully and it was a solid workout.  I'm sure this just added to the 
consensus soreness throughout the gym.  

Tuesdays WOD
15 Thrusters 95/65#
15 Pull ups
21 Thrusters 65/45#
21 Pull ups
36 Thrusters 45/35#
36 Pull ups