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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That sweet little lady "KAREN"

We've been having some great turn outs in the evening class and Monday 
was no different!  First, we got rolling with some push press and push jerk.
Then, we jumped into the WOD which was "Karen", 150 Wall ball
shots for time with a 20# ball for the guys and a #15 for the girls.  Pr's were
being SHATTERED!!!  People were killing their times by minutes!  We had 
our gym record set by Matt who got into the 6's basically doing his first wall
ball workout ever.Awesome effort man. 
It has really become a fun and competitive group to workout with.  I say give
us a few more months and we will have some absolute beasts coming out of 
this gym. You guys come ready to rock every day and the intensity in the class 
has shown.

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