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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Consistency and commitment pay off!!

I feel very lucky having the opportunity to train with the West Valley crew.  I have seen huge improvements in everyones physical capabilities and appearances.  We have all gotten stronger, quicker, and in general FITTER!!  That's what commitment and consistency will get you.  Day in and day out our members show up and give 100%.  As with anything in life, hard work pays off and i just wanted to take a minute to say what a fantastic job EVERYONE has been doing with staying committed and consistent.

We've had some new faces in the gym lately, so welcome and i hope you'll stick around for awhile and
join in on the party. Like I've been saying, commit to West Valley and we'll commit to offering you the best possible experience we can at the gym.

Saturdays WOD was good one:
50 Box Jumps at 20"
5 Rope climbs 15'
50 K.B.swings 53/35#
50 Situps
50 Hang power cleans 75/45
800M Run
50 Back Extensions

Scale as needed.

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